Reviews of Portraits in Sound

Amanda Lord & Dato' Neville Green OBE
"I wish you could have seen how thrilled my dad was with his recording. When he listened he was as gripped as if he was hearing the stories for the first time. Thanks so much - the recording has turned out to be a tremendously successful present to him, never mind his descendants!"
Amanda Lord
Barrister; referring to her father Dato' Neville Green OBE
"It's wonderful. Better than I expected - and I expected it to be good!"
Steve Clarke
Retired Software Consultant

Steve played extracts from Vera Clarke's portrait at her funeral
Dulwich College Logo
"I at last found time over half term to listen to the two CDs and it is marvellous. I was listening with my husband in the car, William knows Terry (Walsh - retired Deputy Master) and wanted to listen to it again he was so enthralled. It is brilliant partly because Terry is such a good raconteur but also because you have put it together so well.
Thank you"
Mrs Calista Lucy
Keeper of the Archives,
Dulwich College
"I found the interview amazing, as I remembered events that had long been buried in my memory, some of which proved to be very emotional indeed but quite cathartic. All in all a very moving experience."
Winterflood Family
Doreen Winterflood
Wife of Brian Winterflood, (CEO of Winterflood Securities)
"Portraits in Sound offered us the opportunity to have our story told in a creative and sensitive way. We love the finished piece and would strongly recommend Portraits in Sound to anyone who wishes to record their story in an inventive, special way."
Sarah-Jane Cox
Client Involvement Deputy Manager for St Mungo's homeless charity
"I had Portraits In Sound do its magic on my mother and I'm so glad I did! I knew Claire from the BBC but even I was taken aback by her skill, patience and flair. She managed to capture Mum's gentle humour, and also cope with her movable memory (!). This even required an extra visit to make a correction, which she did with grace and the minimum of fuss. I learned so much about my mother from hearing it. The audio was clean and used music and poetry to great, subtle effect. The result is something I can't wait for the grandchildren to hear - this will introduce them to the Mum I know and love like nothing else can."
Graham Max Frost
Producer BBC Radio 4
Angus Hanton
"Claire told me the "portraits in sound" of my mum and dad would mainly be for the grandchildren but the recordings turned out to be full of stories that were news to me. I learnt a lot, also, about where I'd come from and what they've been through in the war and the postwar years. Made me cry. My parents loved telling their story."
Angus Hanton
Bell House, Dulwich
Graham Byrne-Hill
"I really enjoyed that!"
Graham Byrne-Hill
Retired academic
"I was a bit nervous before the interview. I thought I'd get a grilling like on the Today programme, but Claire just encouraged me to relax and reminisce, so I found much to my surprise, I enjoyed myself! So glad to have done this - particularly for my American grand-children"
Dawn Penso with her granddaughter
Dawn with her granddaughter
Dawn Penso
Economist (extract from a letter printed in Saga Magazine, Jan 2012)
"My father died before mobile phones or computers and there is no reminder of his voice or his laugh or the stories he used to tell. Hearing the recording of his sister brought back all sorts of memories of a past that's hard to recall. Photos are amazing at catching a moment, but to have a record of a voice you love and know so well is very special indeed."
Nicky Holford
Travel writer for the Telegraph
"I found the recording of my grandmother thoroughly entertaining and memorable. I couldn't believe there was so much in her life that I didn't know about! I was amazed at how intimate and thought provoking it was. I'm so glad I have it to play to my children when they're grown up. She describes her life so much better than I ever could. The quality was highly professional; a service second to none."
Adam Shaw
"The recording was very good, but hearing my own voice put me off! But I'm over the moon with it. The fact that my great grandchildren will actually hear my voice. It's so much more personal than just reading about me. And my children, I've never sat down and told them all I told Claire. There just isn't time in modern life to really talk like my father used to talk to me, which is how I was able to remember all his adventures."
Noel Browne
Irish immigrant grandfather
Sir Brian Thwaites
"Well...! I'm not quite sure what to say! But first, I do congratulate you on doing a superb job - and I absolutely love the first 4 bars at the beginning! - and also the brilliant way you've closed with the end of the fugue.
As for the content, I agree with a lot that this chap says! It's better than I thought it would be in that there is a surprising lot of genuine social comment, seriously considered comparisons with today, and educational wisdom. Very little gossip, which is good. I'm certainly not ashamed of it.
With further expressions of unexpected satisfaction..."
Professor Sir Brian Thwaites
Commissioned by Dulwich College
"Much like your portraits with their integrity and empathy."
Matthew Butler
Lightening designer/film maker
"I am so grateful to you. I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders! It enabled me to place on record something for friends and family coming after, in view of my inability to write my records as I am blind. It was fascinating.... I thought to myself, you know this is a practical history which there won't be many grandchildren who will have in their back pocket when I've gone. The children came at the weekend and listened to part of it and thought it was great!"
Edward Halpen
Retired businessman
Julia Peyton-Jones
"To hear the voice of someone you love or admire speaking directly to camera, as it were, is a great privilege and a truly moving experience. Thank you so much for the recording of Peggy, it was a wonderful thing to receive and I will treasure it always."
Julia Peyton-Jones
Director of the Serpentine Gallery
"Claire is passionate about drawing out a person's character by getting them to delve into their experiences. The result is a highly polished recording, which is, as it says on the tin, a portrait in sound. I found the recording revealed much more than I expected, and was surprisingly moving. A wonderful exercise."
Isobel Grant (Byrne-Hill)
Senior Engineer at Arup and Councillor for the London Borough of Ealing
"It is especially precious for me to have the recordings of my mother and Godfather for my grandchildren, as there would normally be no way they could have ever hear the actual voice of their great grandmother and uncle had these recordings not been made. The sound was such a high quality, my mother could have been in the room with us. She was happily reminiscing about her life and there was no indication that this was an interview it was so completely seamless. With my Godfather, it really comes across that he was raconteur full of humour and wit. I am so grateful my grandchildren will be able to know something of their heritage."
Susan Rowe
Retired linguist

National Press: Reviews of Claire's broadcast material

Zoltan Frankl

'Working Amongst the Tyrants'

Radio 4

"Dr Zoltan Frankl remembers his early life, as a young Hungarian Jewish surgeon working, first in Nazi concentration camps and then under the Communists. It's a concentrated and brilliantly composed feature, compiled by Claire Peyton Jones; and it offers no justification for itself, except that Dr Frankl's memories are fascinating."
The Independent 8.12.90

Blake's 'Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Dramatization of William Blake's 'Marriage of Heaven and Hell'

Radio 3, broadcast Good Friday 29.3.1991


"Here it gets a sympathetic dramatization by Claire Peyton Jones, superbly directed by Piers Plowright with a sharp introduction by Marilyn Butler... You oughtn't to miss it"
Robert Hanks
The Independent 23.3.91
"This modest, clever production showed that it is possible to be one without the other."
Robert Hanks
The Independent 2.4.91

Henry Purcell

'Mask' an evocation of Henry Purcell

Radio 3

"Claire Peyton Jones' superior production juxtaposed Ian Burton's jagged, glittering text with Ron Geesin's pastiche Baroque score. It was enough to make you want the whole year to start again."
Sue Gaisford
Independent on Sunday 26.11.95

Moldavian Monastery

'First Person'

Radio 4


"Claire Peyton Jones tells the story of her romantic pilgrimage though post-Ceausescu Romania to the Moldavian monasteries."
Radio Times 27.6.1991

Note: Reviews of my BBC work
actually used my maiden name Randall