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Hilda Podiebrad

"My sister and I put all our jewellery in the top of our stockings, and we bandaged ourselves as the Russians never touch anything sick or ill"

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Brian & Doreen

"I said to my mate look, if she gets out at Wembley you chat her up, and if she doesn't I'll chat her up! Bit presumptuous!"

We combined extracts from two individual sound portraits to tell the story of their romance

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Terry Walsh

"On Founders Day we had a deputation of students circling the block with police escort led, it is alleged, by Jack Straw, shouting... Walsh OUT!"

Commissioned by Dulwich College to mark his 60 years service

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Stephanie Dawn Penso

"My mother yanked me back and said very firmly, 'Don't ever run after a bus or a man. There's always another one coming'."

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Susan Molly Rowe

"...and she said to me the first thing you're going to do is learn to like your own company so I'm going to leave you in your room for a day!"

Sue's grandson Patric sings 'God Be In My Head' - recorded especially for this Portrait

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Vera Clarke

"You had to bang the chocolates out onto a card, and I wasn't very strong... so all the chocolates would be building up and the forewoman wasn't very nice...."

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Noel Browne

"The black and tans kicked his wedding cake around the room..."

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Edward Halpen

"You fly aeropane? Ah, you learn now. That dark thing ahead of us is a storm..."

Edward's dedication to his family is set to a Mozart paino concerto.

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Molly Kathleen Ullman

"We danced, and we danced the rest of the evening together..."

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Ross Woolfrey Randall

"John introduced me to music... I mean proper music...."

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Peggy Peyton Jones

"All the men were out fighting, and I wanted to get a blood-stock mare to breed..."

Peggy is accompanied by her parrot

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Derek Gordon Percy Young

"I had rather a jolly war..."


Derek plays 'Ain't Misbehaving' on his piano

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MONTAGE: Made for St. Mungo's 'Outside In' Programme

"It's just getting people's outlook on homelessness changed... you get self-respect from this (course) as well"

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