How it works / FAQ


We make the recording in the comfort of the interviewee's own home. The whole process is unhurried and usually takes a few hours. Our digital recorder is unobtrusive, so it's easy to have a conversation and forget it's there.

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"I was a bit nervous before the interview. I thought I'd get a grilling like on the Today programme, but Claire just encouraged me to relax and reminisce, so I found much to my surprise, I enjoyed myself!" 
Dawn Penso


Before the recording is arranged, Claire will help you to prepare, so that you can make the most of your portrait. This involves thinking about what you’d like to cover and writing down a few bullet points to jog your memory, and asking other members of your family what favourite anecdotes they'd like included.

Alternatively, you can just leave it to Claire to ask the right questions and not worry about it beforehand. Indeed, this spontaneous approach can be joyfully fresh and equally successful, as any awkward bits are removed afterwards, during the editorial process.

You may also like to think about any music you'd like to include in the recording, or whether you’d like to read a favourite poem, or us to find a special sound. This can add great colour and personality to the portrait.


Once the recording is complete, we cut and shape it all together to produce a sympathetic, insightful and enjoyable portait. Our editorial direction aims to be affirming and celebratory, while honoring difficulties and challenges the interviewee may have experienced.

We use professional editing software to ensure a structured and seamless result that is interesting and flows well.