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About Me

Claire Peyton Jones

Claire has ten years experience in BBC Radio as a broadcaster, presenter, writer, researcher, dramatizer, producer and director for Radio 3, and 4 and the World Service, where she received critical acclaim. She worked on several award-winning radio programmes with the master of documentary features, Piers Plowright under whom she trained. Her composer husband Jeremy Peyton Jones, assists with all the music mixes in these productions.

Claire lives in South East London with her family. She is a keen sailor, cyclist, theatre and concert goer, and she is an active member of All Saints Peckham. She is also a member of the William Blake Society which, in 2013, illustrated and made available her dramatization of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, first broadcast on Radio 3. Since 2014 Claire has been building up a collection of recordings of alumni and ex members of staff for Dulwich College Archives.

Portraits in Sound

Claire set up the company in 2009, but she had the original idea for it when she made a recording of her grandmother Molly Ullman in the 1980s. That monologue has given great pleasure to her great-grandchildren and her wider family of the next generation. You can hear a miniature of it on the listen page.

Claire can travel to any part of the UK to make a recording.

In the Media

Hear and read more about Portraits in Sound, in media interviews with Claire.

"Claire is passionate about drawing out a person's character by getting them to delve into their experiences. The result is a highly polished recording, which is, as it says on the tin, a portrait in sound. I found the recording revealed much more than I expected, and was surprisingly moving. A wonderful exercise." 

Isobel Grant

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