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Portrait in Sound

Edited to approximately one hour, entirely of the interviewee's voice, framed with their chosen music or sounds.

This is a lovingly created and highly polished production - the interview always involves some reordering and is anchored to a framework that gives a narrative flow. The strength of the interview is focused on and sharpened by removing any distractions - repetitions, ums and ahs! For easy reference, the interview will be structured into 'chapters' or tracks. Short sound portraits (for instance of young people), will be proportionally less.

Presented on three CD's, and a memory stick.


Interview Only

If you prefer, you can have just the interview, tidied up but largely unedited (mp3, via drop box).

You are welcome to decide after the interview if you wish us to create a Portrait in Sound.

Optional Extras

A 'Miniature': £150 Up to ten minutes of extracts, selected from the completed Sound Portrait. Presented on three CDs, (plus downloadable version). The Listen page has many examples.

Longer Portraits: £100 per ten extra minutes (beyond the 60 minutes of a standard portrait)

Transcripts of the whole interview: £60 per hour (necessary if interview is longer than 3 hours)

Extra discs: £10 each

Travel expenses: Will be incurred for interviews outside London.

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