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Your life in your words

Commission an audio Portrait of someone whose story you want preserved, either for your family or organisation.
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Have you ever heard a story of someone's life on the Radio and wondered what you'd say if you were the subject?

Portraits in Sound make a highly-polished, broadcast quality feature from listening to your stories, anecdotes and reflections, recorded in the comfort of your home.

Your memoirs will be fascinating to future generations, and will surprise and delight family and friends. We can illustrate your 'Portrait' with your favourite music and sounds, and the finished CD will be produced to the highest quality standards, by a BBC trained interviewer and producer.

A 'Portrait'?

Just as a good portrait painter will capture more than the surface image, Portraits in Sound aspire to do the same with our interview and production skills. We also cut out all the questions so the listener's focus is only on you, to create a more intimate listen.

"I enjoyed your visit so much, the time passed so quickly. You are a very kind person, and very understanding." 

Vera Clarke

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